First blog post

image THis Is North Kensington –  Our first post!!!

  • 11th May 2017

Save Wornington College Film:

For those that care about the provision of further education in North Kensington:

Former students of Wornington College wanted to take part in a film- share  your memories of the  college  and the positive impact that your education has had on your life! Please get in contact with   this site or via

For more information on the background and history of the College – please read this excellent post by our fellow local blog, Grenfell Action Group here:

We strongly believe thar ordinary residents of North Kensington should not have to suffer the loss of our adult education facilities  due to financial mismanagement by the board of KCC and the sheer incompetence of RBKC

More background here:

The College has long provided adult students with valuable courses such as Access and ESOL – a move to the other KCC building at Hortensia Road, Chelsea, would take at least 2 hours out of travelling time and prove costly to many of the students on low incomes.

Plus, what is really more important for our community: Much-needed further education courses, or “buy to leave” so-called luxury flats?


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