Vote for Emma Dent Coad to be your MP for Kensington Constituency!


Here in North Kensington we face a constant onslaught of social cleansing and asset stripping by the ruling Conservatives.

A member of THINK went out canvassing with Cllr Emma Dent Coad, our Labour candidate on Tuesday. The views on the doorsteps and on the streets were resoundingly positive in support of Emma and the Labour Party.

As a North Kensington local and a Labour Councillor (Golborne Ward) for 11 years, Emma is a popular local figure and a campaigner for social change.

Also, Victoria Borwick only has a majority of 7,361 and voted for Brexit – against 68% of her constituents – who voted remain and that’s even before beginning to take local issues into account, so yes – a Labour MP for Kensington is a true possibility!

THINK is proud to give its backing to Emma Dent Coad and the Labour Party and encourages anyone in our community who has had enough of the Tories to vote for her.

It is time North Kensington had parliamentary representation that is more representative of our community!



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