Rap 23 meeting Reduce Air Pollution (Part 1) And possible reasons why Tories attended……..


RAP23 is  a well known and much loved pressure group in North Kensington dedicated to  campaigning to reduce the toxic levels of pollution that we   ordinary folk have to endure.

The statistics are truly horrifying to all of us  – arouund 90,000 vehicles are on the Westway daily, about 70 people die feom air pollution in our area every year, 11% increase in dementia for those living 100 metres from the Westway, children born in our area with poor air quality (pm 2.5 particulate pollution) have smaller brains, lungs and a shorter life expectancy.

Professor Cedo Maksmovic started by a talk on infrastructure and gave examples of how this can help (ie. roof gardens for example).

Some THINKers in attendance at this time, also spotted a few Conservatives in attendance. Well yes – the serious issue of air pollution in our area is relevant to all. But some did wonder if some Tories may misuse Prof Maksmovic’s expertise with regards to so-called “regeneration” , redevelop for “environmental reasons”, then deport tenants and leaseholders and sell off the new builds to the wealthy?


Anyway, this blog applauds Rap23 for caring about our local area and environment and will be posting more information from the event and speakers soon………



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