Funny goings on Nextdoor………


THINK has been alerted to the goings on at the Nextdoor site. For those not in the know, Nextdoor is a localised  private social media site that acts as a sort of noticeboard on which locals place posts. Normally these are things such as buying or selling, recommendations or local events. Recently however, some members of our community have been getting very topical on there. THINK is a local community blog and we wouldn’t like to be semi detached from reality, so we decided to have a peek behind the net curtains.

Fellow blog From The Hornets Nest covered an incident between Tory Cllr Matthew Palmer and North Kensington residents – we have uncovered more  dissatisfaction among ordinary locals.

Residents have made their feelings loud and clear about how they feel about both national and local issues. Most were annoyed about Brexit and Victoria Borwick’s position on it (one member put a post up entitled “Kensington Constituency, RBKC and Brexit – Time to take a stand” for which she was bizarrely thanked by Conservative Cllr Julie Mills!).

Most were outraged about North Kensington Library and RBKC giving it to Notting Hill Prep School at cut price – which was the beginning of Cllr Palmer throwing his toys out of the pram.

Others were upset about RBKC’s “regeneration” plans, particularly the Silchester Estate and expressed their concerns with regards to what happens to the residents affected and the wider implications for our community.

Other issues that came up were the loss of the Maxilla Centre and RBKC’s attitude with regards to a “consultation” being in fact an announcement of closure.

Also, the Notting Hill Carnival came up for discussion a few times. The responses were mixed, but THINK was very pleased to see some residents defending it, suggesting minor changes such as more live music and better transport and giving their own personal accounts of how special the Carnival is to them.

And many expressed their dissatisfaction with our MP Victoria Borwick with not just her policies, but also her communications (or lack of) with them. It got to the point of Cllr Robert Freeman posting a lengthy and exhaustive  defence of her that filled an entire page and would normally be more appropriate for the council chamber. Then surprise surprise,  Lady Borwick herself made a special guest appearance – but even that didn’t stop residents from putting the boot in!

So, RBKC Tories and MPs’ – If you pop Nextdoor to look for a builder or a cleaner; many in the area will suggest that you give your unpopular policies a good refurbishment  and give you a good verbal dusting down!!!


3 thoughts on “Funny goings on Nextdoor………”

  1. Next Door was invaluable during the Grenfell tragedy because the council did ZERO. Next Door was our only way of communicating as to where centres were set up by residents and what was needed. I would advise all residents investigate and join . It came into its own during this tragedy when our council failed us.

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    1. Indeed – We’re very proud of our local community and a few of our group are on Nextdoor – we were so thankful to many on there who have helped during this difficult time. As you point out, it is the local people not the council who make our community – so RBKC would be wise to remember this.


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