The KPH: End of an era


Sad news for North Kensington; Our beloved local pub the KPH, that has been going for longer than    we have been alive, has now closed for good.

It will be apparently replaced with so-called “luxury flats” that we believe are not even a fraction of a substitution for this fantastic pub, live music venue and vital hub of our community.

For those not familiar with our area and the pubs there, the KPH appears to be one of the last of a very endangered species of local “real pubs”. Now we  have nothing against gastropubs,  but it is good to have an unpretentious local venue  that is primarily a pub, rather than a restaurant or a wine bar, with most of the regulars local, and where someone doesn’t need to take out a second mortgage to buy a round of drinks……

Closing night was on Saturday and THINKers were happily in attendance! We met many  local friends and also several other campaigners there.

We would like to thank all the staff, management and regulars at the KPH for making this such a fun place!

Also, having being brought drinks all night, we partied on until the early hours with the great and the good, but felt our respective ages later on Sunday morning and took all day to recover. Sadly, we believe it will take our community a whole lot longer to get  over the loss of our beloved KPH pub.


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