Kensington Constituency sees red!


THINKers were delighted to watch hustings at St John’s church, Notting Hill last Wednesday and watch our parliamentary candidates put their case. Of course, we at THINK back our Labour candidate, Emma Dent Coad (pictured above).

We expected a large turnout and also for Emma to speak well (as always). What we didn’t expect was such a strong backlash from the audience against the Tories! We on virtually all political points, disagree with Victoria Borwick, but also recognise her as a  personable individual who could normally talk her way out of a paper bag. Imagine our surprise to find that she struggled to defend her position on many issues that matter to our community!

On the subject of air pollution, which is a very serious matter to us all, she tried to dodge the facts that she has voted against pollution control measures in the Commons and that her party, unlike Labour, the Lib Dems and Greens, will not commit to a new clean air act, by trying to say that her commitment to pollution control was that her husband (Lord Borwick) carries an air quality control monitor about his person all the time!!! And yes that was met by derisory laughter by the audience. Then there was the issue of social and affordable housing , that she completely dodged by saying “we need to get more people on to the property ladder”. Just how do you do that Lady Borwick, when you need to be earning approximately £90,000 per year to afford so- called affordable housing in our area?  Also, she completely (like our not-so beloved council) neglected the issue of social housing. We just want to point out that many low income and vulnerable and sick people will never be able to get on the “property ladder”! We know what that means; social cleansing – deportation to deprived areas far away for the poor and destruction of our community, that’s what. She rounded off by claiming to have a record of standing up for our community on the council – but as all RBKC residents know, they just asset strip everything away and sell for cut price to vested interests – cue lots of heckling and we did hear  “no you don’t” , “Maxilla” and other things that as a family blog we will not repeat, being shouted out from the audience.

As for the other speakers, the Lib Dem Annabel Mullin the Green and the two independent candidates were all very impressive. But it was Emma Dent Coad, who spoke passionately about her record as a Labour councillor campaining against social cleansing, standing up for the most disadvantaged in our community and also attacked Lady Borwick over her role to do with the ban lifted on the ivory trade (see our “Because voters never forget” post) who really stood out. We will also point out that she is the only North Kensington local candidate and that as we have met her on several occasions, is the real definition of honest, genuine,  non stage-managed politics!

Tonight there are further hustings at St Cuthbert’s church in Earls Court; THINK will be fastening our seatbelts, as no doubt will Victoria Borwick!!!



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