Life under the Tories: Hard Brexit, hard breakfast


If you haven’t voted already, THINK urge you to do so and use your vote wisely. We are voting Labour for many reasons: A properly funded NHS, real investment in education, and a fairer taxation system for example. The gap between the richest and poorest in our country is getting wider and we in our part of London where you can see a £30million home and homeless people on  the same street, know this all too well.

Also we worry about a hard Brexit, leaving the single market  and that EU nationals (of which there are many in Kensington) will not be allowed to stay (see Lady Borwick’s voting record about this in our “Victoria Borwick and the half baked truth” post.)

We do not trust the Tories  – their cuts have been savage, they have a callous attitude towards the poor, the sick and the elderly, and in our opinion,  purely look after their own vested interests and privileges.

People in the north of RBKC  have a life expectancy of around 12 years less than those in the wealthier south. We know that Lady Borwick is very ignorant of the poor and disadvantaged in our community and has spent more time speaking about pedicabs that about the real serious issues that many of her more disadvantaged constituents face.

So we urge all who wish to see a fairer Kensington to vote for Emma Dent Coad and the Labour Party. According to some, this could be the last  and best chance that Labour has of winning this constituency – it might be merged with Chelsea (and the safe Tory wards there)  next time and impossible to prise from Conservative control. You have been warned…….



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