Emma Dent Coad IS our MP for Kensington constituency – A victory for the people!!!


It gives THINK great pleasure to announce that after a few recounts, Emma Dent Coad has been elected as our Labour MP for Kensington!

THINK is a big supporter of Emma and the Labour Party, we believe they offer positive social change for the area as well as for London as a whole.

Now some have questioned the authenticity of our campaign and how Labour won, so let’s just explain a few things: as well as the “bread-and-butter” issues (economy, NHS etc) Emma won because of these factors:

1. Social and affordable housing – many social housing tenants, leaseholders and freeholders face a program of social cleansing that will leave most unable to live in the area. Others also face moving out of Kensington as they cannot afford to live here. The Tories and Victoria Borwick did not show any concern towards all affected by this and as we reported previously,  completely ignored the question of provision of social housing altogether. Labour instead promised to oppose so called “regeneration” plans, which was very popular, particularly in North Kensington,  and this got a lot of votes for Emma (including from many who didn’t vote before due to sometimes justifiable disallusionment with politics). The polling stations in our area were packed with people voting Labour because they were given real reasons to.

2. Victoria Borwick: Many local residents were dissatisfied with Lady Borwick, both as an MP and in the policies she supported. For example, she spent more time in the Commons talking about pedicabs for example, rather than health, education etc. which did show a rather warped sense of priorities. Also several constituents found her rather uncommunicative with regards to responding to letters, emails and appointments. When she snubbed the Earls Court hustings, numerous residents took that as someone who holds her constituents in contempt. She also had a  poor attendance record in the Commons. Plus she showed a poor understanding of our multicultural community by suggesting ticketing for Notting Hill Carnival.  Also her Brexit stance and the ivory trade ban lift did not do her any favours. (THINK will say one thing in her favour and that is she is not a bitter or petty-minded individual – unlike some we won’t mention! and doesn’t take criticism too personally, but that is only from our experience.)

3. Other local issues:The closure of Maxilla and  impending closure of North  Kensington Library among many things. Yes these are largely council matters, but Victoria Borwick sat as an RBKC Tory councillor before being elected and some voters weren’t about to forget it.

4. Last but certainly not least: Emma Dent Coad herself: Emma is a well known and popular local Labour councillor. She has campaigned for years on social housing and the welfare of the poorest and most vulnerable in our community. Her ward, Golborne,  also has some of the highest levels of social deprivation in London and Emma has a positive rapport with many of her ward constituents which also lended itself to a big personal vote of approval.

So, this is a real “Peoples’ Victory” ! THINK believes strongly in Emma Dent Coad and the Labour Party and so it appears do a lot of people in our area!

We’ll leave you with footage of the demonstration outside Kensington Town Hall yesterday,  which was packed with her supporters!!!


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