Grenfell Tower fire


THINK are still reeling in shock and horror at the fire at Grenfell Tower and we would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to all those affected.

This is a very difficult post for us as all are our community neighbours and many are friends.

One friend is Edward Daffarn, of the Grenfell Action Group. He and his group had long warned about fire hazards and other poor conditions that they as residents had to endure, only to be met with derision by RBKC. Their last post is particularly moving – see it here:

We can report that Edward is alive and well, but he has lost his home and possessions and is obviously deeply traumatised by what has happened. (And Eddie, we wish you well and look forward to seeing you soon.)

We will also pay tribute to all those in our community and beyond who have donated or volunteered and also to the emergency services.

Our community is devastated, but we are strong, resilient and we support each other. We send our love, solidarity and kind thoughts out to all the Grenfell Tower former residents –  those who have sadly passed away, those who are in hospital, those who are missing, and those who now have lost their homes and belongings. Also to all their relatives and friends.  So to RBKC we say that you will never silence, bully, neglect  or socially cleanse us now the country is watching.  This is North Kensington and this is our community. We will always sadly carry terrible memories of this tragic event and we will not let either RBKC, the government or anyone else ever forget it.



1 thought on “Grenfell Tower fire”

  1. There are no words I can say. All I will say is that I will fight to raise the profile of yours and every other action group as much as I can. We can unite across London and demand we are listened to.
    The surprise at the way in which the community has joined, the elequence and the intelligence of the commentary given by the community , the disbelief that these issues were so prophetically raised in a most wonderful and detailed blog stems from those who have never lived on a council estate. They are well meaning people, they are people with more of a voice but if anything is to come out of this crime then it will be to ensure this is not hidden and those talented wonderful individuals who combine to make up so many communities are given a share of that voice to show what 21st Century living for many Londoners is like.

    From a proud council house tenant , raised on the 11 th floor of a South London Tower Block and who is sending my love to all.

    Eternal rest grant onto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them
    May they rest in peace. Amen

    Inna Lillahi wa in a ilayhi Raji’un
    Truly to Allah we belong and truly to Him we shall return

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