From a Rock to a hard place……


This is Rock Feilding-Mellen, Deputy Leader of RBKC and Cabinet member for Housing, regeneration and property.

He has been in charge of his brief since 2013, which indeed puts him at the centre of the decisions made about the Grenfell Tower cladding, does not absolve his responsibility of his duties to the borough. He regularly ignores letters of complaints and desperation  written by frustrated tenants and their families. On top of that, he has promised to “build more homes in the private and affordable sectors”. Just how do you do that Rock, when RBKC and North Kensington in particular, need social and genuinely affordable housing?

He is also a property developer, albeit one who just picks over his aristocratic family’s land and whose company has a turnover of less than £3000! On top of that he regularly ignores complaints of drug-related antisocial behaviour that tenants, not getting anywhere with RBKC cutbacks in staff & the TMO, feel compelled to complain to him! But to no avail, as his parents devote their time to “getting high”, – to the point of drilling holes in their heads! So no response then.

He is also behind so-called “regeneration” plans for the Silchester Estate, handing over our North Kensington Library and our Westway Information Centre being handed over at cut price to Notting Hill Prep School and the Isaac Newton centre handed over to Chepstow House Prep School (three guesses who has their children on the waiting list for both?) If we are going to discuss waiting lists, then we could question what Rock and his pals propose to do about RBKC having one of the highest council housing waiting lists in the U.K.? But that is a rhetorical question because we know they just plan to sell it off and try to get support by reducing council tax by means of expelling those most in need from the borough.

When he has bothered to respond to residents, it is insulting at the very least. Here is an actual quote from him: “the village shall not dictate to the Estate” Well most of the residents of this “London village” believe it is time this pretentious and allegedly crooked “landowner” got out of our neighbourhood and our borough for good!

Recently, we heard reports of him being “driven out of his home by angry residents” . He claimed “vandalism” and  “criminal damage” – but apparently Police couldn’t see any evidence of this! Is this some ploy of Mr Feilding-Mellen to attempt to garner sympathy? Well we believe if anyone deserves sympathy, it should be the tenants and leaseholders of Grenfell Tower and neighbouring blocks in North Kensington , not some petulant man who treats the citizens he represents with contempt.

Anyway, THINK cannot understand why such a preposterous, out of touch person has been put in such a senior and supposedly responsible position. We question the ethics and values of all at RBKC who believe this to be a person of integrity.

Anyway, a ludicrous individual needs a ridiculous ending, so we’ll let “Little Lord Rock Weilding-Felon” go and party with his old school chums………



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