Save Wornington College: KCC consultation event today


As you can see from our first blog post, THINK are big supporters of Wornington College and have real concerns about the site being closed and provision of courses being reduced.

The consultation is today at the College in Wornington Road, W10 today, with Michele Sutton, Temporary Principal, taking questions between 3:30 and 4:30pm. We urge all who care about the North Kensington community to come along.

We have also learned that KCC has planned a fundraiser for Grenfell Tower disaster victims at the same time. While we would usually welcome any fundraising efforts for Grenfell Tower, we believe that their decision to hold both on the same day shows both a lack of compassion for both the victims of the fire, traumatised locals and also to those with concerns about further provision of courses at the site, staff cuts and indeed that the College will remain at the site in future. Also KCC has not stated whether there will be a crèche provided at the proposed site, which is a major concern for students with children, particularly single parents and those on low incomes as to whether they can continue in their studies at the College.

The Grenfell Tower fire publicly highlighted the rich-poor divide in our community. KCC have not given ANY details about adult education at the Wornington College  site. As we pointed out before, a lot of students at the College are on low incomes, have children or are working long hours, so would find travelling all the way to Hortensia Road, Chelsea, difficult. Not only that but the fact that KCC refuse to give further  information about Wornington College, and also are offering staff there voluntarily redundancies, points out to a huge reduction in places, courses and therefore  opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged in our area.

Edwatd Daffarn of the Grenfell Action Group is one former student whose life was turned around by going to Wornington College and we have spoken to a lot of other former students there who have gone on to greater things thanks to the further education courses at the College. We believe that they deliberately put both events on the same day to suppress discussion and questions that those who care about the College and its future may care to bring up.

THINK believe that KCC have both insulted the victims of Grenfell Tower and  former students there – shame on them. We urge all to go along and make your voices heard. After all, how can a devastated community heal if both RBKC and KCC are going to take away our College, and reduce the chances of a better life for so many in North Kensington?


1 thought on “Save Wornington College: KCC consultation event today”

  1. Another property develooment for foreign buyers not at home? It is ok to gentrify a bit but not to take away the real interesting heart of Golborne rd. We need this college, it is an amazing educational facilty for all and must not disappear , please save our Wornington college, education cannot be replaced by greed and more expensive flats, it us nit really legal change of use!?
    We all benefit from it, you have to save it, look at how fantastic the north kensington community is, save it with all your heart, it’ll bring only benefits to the area.
    Thank you

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