Warwick Lightfoot – “Sorry we have no money” – but are sitting on £300 million reserves.


This is Cllr Warwick Lightfoot, he is RBKC Cabinet member for “Finance and Strategy” (that’s worked out well, hasn’t it?) Yes he had worked as an economic advisor to  Norman Fowler, Norman Lamont and  John Major in the 1990s – that worked out well too as we all know

He also authored a book that ought to be be the title of a rubbish sitcom entitled “Sorry we have no money” ! Shouldn’t that be “Sorry we have no shame in bribing taxpayers with their own money?”

He is also noted for his strong opposition to a Labour and Liberal Democrat motion for a food bank. With both him and former leader Nick Paget-Brown not exactly covering themselves in glory, making out that it would encourage poverty! Though he is often seen by locals in our area perusing the “reduced items” food section in Portobello Road Tesco’s  – so maybe he just gets very upset about the very nerve of the poor and needy doing him out of  saving 50p on a sandwich!!!


No they still don’t get it, help for the poor doesn’t encourage poverty; it is the lack of help which does. Most people don’t unlike Mr Lightfoot, need a degree from Oxford University to begin to try to  understand that  (not like he has ever shown any concern) but then again, he is completely endemic of what  this out of touch bunch of white upper class RBKC Tories are like! and it is more than obvious that the real reason Tories oppose a food bank is because they do not want the poverty in the community to be exposed.

There is no “sloganising” involved  in both the Labour and the Liberal Democrat councillors wanting to help those in poverty – and what is wrong with that? But RBKC Tories do not care as they are more interested in the very wealthy and love to cosy up to those who do not even bother to pay an appropriate level of tax.  If we’re going to talk about slogans, we could mention former prime minister David Cameron and his slogan of “Conpassionate Conservatism” (whatever happened to that?!!)

We will also point out to those living in Holland Ward of RBKC that not only do they have the misfortune to be represented by Cllr Lightfoot, ,but also they have Rock Feilding-Mellen as a fellow ward councillor too  (two for the price of one!) If residents are interested in cut-price goods; they might consider cutting away the neglect and contempt that this terrible twosome have shown for the local community and  voting them out.


Here’s the footage of Cllr Lightfoot objecting to food banks  –  we did wonder if he had a “liquid lunch” instead? We’re embarrassed that these people are supposed to represent us……..




1 thought on “Warwick Lightfoot – “Sorry we have no money” – but are sitting on £300 million reserves.”

  1. Hey I read it was £330,000 but what’s £30,000 when you’ve got that much floating around. This council has decimated the services and the Town Hall is all but empty where once there were officers paid to look after us. While we are talking money has it occurred to anyone else that all the hundreds of empty properties bought by overseas investors who pay council tax but require none of the services at all. The council is collecting thousands of £££££ for providing NOTHING.

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