Further goings on Nextdoor……


THINK has again popped Nextdoor and we didn’t need to borrow a cup of sugar to realise the RBKC Tories could be in hot water…   Sadly the wreck of Grenfell Tower casts a dark shadow over our neighbourhood  and the council now not only has many questions to answer about this disaster but also about other policies they have put in place over the years that appear to be a contributory factor to the fire and their  complete neglect of the poorest and most vulnerable in our community.

THINKers can not  ever recall a time when the Conservatives have been any more unpopular in our area. Here, posted on Nextdoor, are just a few some comments from  local residents:

On air pollution: RL from Notting Dale:”Not surprisingly, the RBKC (such as it is in its current ramshackle state) is very reluctant to have a conversation about air pollution. Victoria Borwick (seemingly polite but utterly ineffective) in her quirky, somewhat bizarre fashion, seemed to think that equipping her husband with an air monitor and strolling around the borough, amounted to a clean air campaign….. Apart from getting to grips with its’ appalling record on governance, RBKC needs  to address the issue of high levels of pollution across the entire borough A good start would be trading in the fuel guzzling Bentley for a more environmentally friendly vehicle. Perhaps Moylan could do something useful and pilot an RBKC pedicab…”

On Cllr Catherine Faulks: JC from Norland:”The woman sounds like a solipsist (the cleaned up version of the response that first sprang to mind)”

On Wornington College: AF from Notting Dale: “The council or any other council don’t care about us. The time is right. It’s all about money”

JS from Ladbroke:” This is all about redevelopment. It isn’t for locals’ benefit, they won’t replace it with social housing it’s about big fat profits for someone down the line. It’s a perfectly good college serving local needs. It doesn’t need fixing, probably just needs more funding but what public institutions don’t? Given the General Election outcome and the  awful Grenfell tragedy, we now have an opportunity to tell RBKC a big resounding NO! Garner more support, everybody lobby your councillors & MP, lobby Sadiq Khan… tell May we need more education NOW”

NL from Golborne: ” Not sure RBKC are going to be able to sell off their assets as easily as they had thought”

And then  about Elizabeth Campbell, Grenfell  and  other issues facing North Kensington residents:

TS from Notting Dale: ” She was totally out of her depth at the Grenfell meeting today, absolutely clueless this council are like a bad joke that never ends.”

The Tories had one supporter – JE from Holland Park: “Oh give the woman a break, she’s only just taken over!” But more responses were to come:

DN from Portobello: “Replacing Nick Paget-Brown with Elizabeth Campbell at RBKC is like replacing Al Capone with John Gotti. She is responsible for the destruction and dismantling of the youth service in North Kensington. If you really want to gain the confidence of the community and stop the culture of elitism and neglect in the borough – then you don’t get rid of the head of the Mafia and then tell us that his lieutenant has replaced him. Justice 4 Grenfell means exposing the corrupt culture that facilitated the fire at Grenfell Tower. It means addressing the long standing concerns of residents in North Kensington it included the council’s regeneration programme, the closure of a public information centre to build a private school, the closure of a school to build a gymnasium, the proposed closure of our public library to lease it to a prep school where the (former)  Deputy Leader of the council Rock Feilding-Mellen has his child on the waiting list, the building of an Academy school in the car park of Grenfell Tower 200 metres away from the school they closed, the displacement of residents in Wornington, the proposed closure of Wornington College to build luxury apartments, the closure of youth and community facilities, the displacement of five generations of white working class families from Portobello Market, the attempted destruction of Golborne Road street trading, the collusion of the Westway Trust and the council to disenfranchise the local community of 23 acres of land to put in the hands of commercial retailers… the list goes on and on. The remit of this public inquiry has to include the history of neglect, systemic corruption and institutional bias that led up to this tragedy.”

CC from Notting Dale: “DN’s post sums up what everyone has known about RBKC’s plans for North Kensington and its treatment of North Kensington over the past years. The key thing now is to get rid of this council and replace it with councillors of some honour and probity. Action is now required to achieve this”

THINK believe that the RBKC Tories had better get used to these types of responses from residents in the North of the borough.  We  also noticed that Nextdoor also has many excellent domestic services advertised on the site – well no cleaner however skilled, will ever be able to help them sweep all the utter mess that they have caused under the carpet and we call on all the cabinet to resign.


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