Dizzy Lizzy and the Town Hall of Shame……


This is Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, the new leader of RBKC (nicknamed “Dizzy Lizzy” or “Silly Lizzie” because of her rumoured lack of brain power). THINK were scratching our heads as to where we had heard of her before.

No it wasn’t the rumour that her husband had cut up her credit cards due to her love of shopping (though we wish RBKC could extend some of Mrs Campbell’s alleged love of spending to those in the borough who are most in need).

Then we remembered that she used to be Cabinet Member for Children’s services and partially responsible for the disastrous cost-cutting exercise in tri- borough contracting out of the provision of home-school transport for children with special needs.

This resulted in countless problems including lateness and delays, lack of special equipment, provision of drivers and escorts who lacked knowledge of the transport routes and also of the medical needs of the children. As well as countless complaints from parents, this even resulted in one child suffering a seizure and being taken to hospital – disgraceful. Apparently the biggest factor on which the contracts were decided was cost.

If North Kensington residents haven’t already had enough of being defecated on by this council , we also will inform our neighbours that Dizzy Lizzy is also behind  the closure of our much-loved Maxilla Children’s Centre and Nursery School. She did eventually quit her post, to help her husband out with his yacht – we kid you not.

THINK are genuinely perplexed as to what is going on in the minds of RBKC for them to consider Mrs Campbell as a competent leader. She has also recently admitted to have never been in a tower block (after 11 years on the council) another sign that she is hopelessly out of touch with the public. We believe that most of the Tories at RBKC do not only fail to understand the real needs of the most vulnerable of the borough, but they have been in charge for so long, that they have stopped caring. It is high time the voting public sorted this out once and for all……..


4 thoughts on “Dizzy Lizzy and the Town Hall of Shame……”

  1. Awful awful woman, I remember her dismissive comments regarding maxilla in the chambers meeting, with a wave of her hand she said ‘theres another one just down the road’ to cries of hear hear. The ‘other’ one she was referring to was goldbournes children centre which has had to squeeze the reduced number of children lucky enough to get a space half a mile away-a mile round trip with buggies and other children in tow is a lot for us who do not have nannies and oversized vehicles to facilitate this. The staff at maxilla all had to re-apply for their position so were not allowed to speak out about the closure. Many vital community services that maxilla offered such as support services for domestic violence victims were also wiped off the map with this closure.

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  2. There is a method in the madness of RBKC putting her up as being in charge. She is so ditsy all they have to do is instruct her what they want done and like a good little robot she will not question anything. When the dirty work is finished she will be quietly removed from the post. Different ingredients same recipe. This only confirms that all powers should be removed from this council.

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