A caring community under a callous council….


Last Wednesday a member of THINK attended the RBKC meeting at Kensington Town Hall. RBKC had changed the venue from the Great Hall to the Small Hall fearing angry protesters apparently.

It was a very harrowing meeting with Grenfell survivors giving their own accounts of what happened to them during the disaster and what has happened since.

Many have had to live in very cramped temporary accommodation (including a family of five in one room with one bed between them). Also we heard from families of the deceased who stated that they were being “treated like cattle”and all were frustrated and angry at the council’s lack of response.

The organisation for the meeting was an utter shambles and many couldn’t get in and be heard – a situation that could have been avoided had the meeting been held at the Great Hall instead and with priority being given to Grenfell survivors, families and those living in the immediate vicinity of the disaster.

We also heard crying and screaming coming from outside the Small Hall and heard that some of the  already very distraught Grenfell survivors and families were not being let in and that some were even locked in the fire exit – utter disgrace.

One survivor praised the local community of North Kensington for their responses, but criticised the local authority. As local residents, we agree with him and are deeply proud of all the good decent and amazing residents and volunteers who have stepped in to help.

We also will point out that after the meeting Elizabeth Campbell, RBKC leader, refused to do interviews as was apparently “too distressed” well Dizzy Lizzy, how distressed do you think victims and families of the Grenfell Tower fire, alongside many in the local community, feel? After all, Dizzy Lizzy, you have the option of going off on your husband’s yacht to get away from it all while traumatised North Kensington locals are sufferering.

We will leave you with footage of Tory councillor and one-time Apprentice contestant Matthew Palmer (who not content with making a fool out of himself on fellow blog From The Hornets Nest regularly) is seen here mouthing  not to let in the Grenfell survivors into the meeting. –  just to show everyone what a heartless bunch most of the RBKC Tories are




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