Not so sweet charity


The woman pictured above is Marianne Alapini. She was an RBKC Labour councillor for Colville Ward between 2002 to 2009, when she resigned as a councillor due to “stress”.

THINK recently heard from a few in our community who had misgivings about her as well as watching her chair an unofficial Grenfell meeting, in which she spent more time making self-indulgent speeches than letting survivors and volunteers speak.

Well we can reveal that she did in fact resign as a councillor due to allegedly “misusing her role as a councillor for financial gain”. We spoke to some senior Labour sources who have stated that she is no longer in the Labour Party and one source described her as a “self-publicising narcissist”.

She has also been heard to be saying that she was “looking for a grant for Grenfell victims”.

Well we at THINK have had to take down our “help” post as there is concern among the community that some with less than honourable intentions are trying to lay their hands on money or to make contact with victims. We were contacted by some who expressed wishes to work with Grenfell victims but lost interest when it was pointed out that they would need to be subject to the relevant official checks.

We would strongly advise anyone to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the Police and also would advise  anyone at an unofficial meeting or elsewhere who comes across Ms Alapini to keep their hands in their pockets.



1 thought on “Not so sweet charity”

  1. She chaired a meeting last Saturday and apparently she made a funding application of £100,000 to deliver services in the community through so-called ‘united4all’


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