RBKC Tories: Chickens, turkeys and ducks


This is Conservative RBKC councillor Matthew Palmer. You might recognise him from a particular video that he would  wish some to forget about. See it here:


He is also noted for being a North Kensington “Village idiot” making regular appearances in From The Hornet’s Nest, being a failed reality show contestant (first series of the UK Apprentice), friend of Warwick “Liquid Lunch” Lightfoot and for getting into pointless social media fights with ordinary concerned North Kensington residents and accusing those who question RBKC’s decision to lease North Kensington Library to a prep school and those who are in fear of losing their homes due to so-called regeneration, of a “smear campaign”

Cllr Palmer also did a “chicken run” from what was the now defunct St Charles Ward in North Kensington – boundary changes –   it is mostly  St Helens Ward now- to Queen’s Gate in the more affluent south of the borough.

This left the Ward to be held on to (by one vote) by Eve Allison. Cllr Allison lives in a council property and is not from the old boys and girls white upper class network that governs our council but is a Conservative – she gets very little support from her colleagues. Still we cannot understand why she cosies up to them.

We say she is a turkey voting for Christmas just like three – yes only three  – residents from the Silchester Estate (under threat of regeneration) that we encountered during the general election who vote Conservative even though the Tories’ policies with regards to housing mean they  will likely be forced out of London!

Then back to Cllr Matthew Palmer again . He ducked  out of a question regarding North Kensington Library that residents on Nextdoor put to him, even though he had initially promised to answer it. The question was about the proposed size in area of the library and the quiet study space.  Cllr Palmer not only failed to answer, but then lost his temper and flapped  about when many questioned his failure to do so in a spectacular (for all the wrong reasons) way!

Well Cllr Palmer and all his Neo Con friends are revelling in Brexit these days.  The poorest will likely be  getting free breast  enlargements due to eating hormonally enhanced factory farmed poultry. anyway. The RBKC Tories are on borrowed time and are shedding feathers every time somebody mentions Grenfell. They are out of touch and merely a collaboration of the self- deluded and the completely delusional.

We could just finish with  a rubbish pun here and tell them to “cluck off” or something .

It  ought to  be noted that some of the RBKC Tories actually live in our area  but they do not associate with us or go to local events. They use estate agent speak to talk about the area, with no recognition of the local community here.

We are fed up with the Rotten Borough Tories, counting down the days until they are out and badly need cheering up – so we will have an art competition: please send us your pictures of local community art here and we will publish the winners on the blog!  (All ages welcome)  Show us your version of what North Kensington means to you and let’s celebrate the good in our community.


2 thoughts on “RBKC Tories: Chickens, turkeys and ducks”

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