Your North Kensington – Art Competition


We at THINK are very proud of all the creativity in North Kensington and wish to celebrate this. We also need cheering up for obvious reasons. Walking around our area and seeing all the amazing local artwork has inspired us and lifted our spirits, so we have launched a This Is North Kensington Art Competition.

We would like you to email us your photos, and copies of your drawings and paintings and any other pieces by you that show what North Kensington means to you.

Winners will get their pictures published on the blog with a name credit (if you wish!) The Competition is open to all ages and will close on the 1st of September. Some pictures may be published by us before the closing date on blog posts too. (And please no selfies of Grenfell Tower) Please send entries to our email address at:

We look forward to receiving your entries and get visitors from all over London, the U.K. and the world! Let’s show them North Kensington  and what we are made of!!!



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