Cllr Catherine “Lady False” Faulks: The shaming of the shrew


Meet Cllr Catherine Faulks, she is a small figure with a big mouth who is seldom without anything to say – so let’s see what she says and who she speaks up for.

In a radio interview with the Today programme, she made out that former RBKC Nick “Piglet-Pie” Paget-Brown had to resign as it was a stunt by the press! Yes the fact that this council at that time (after the Grenfell Tower fire) refused to hold a public meeting in public even though essentially they are servants of the public and the poor decisions made by Piglet-Pie and his colleagues are the fault of journalists apparently!

She also made out that “people stormed the Town Hall” at that time and that she was “very frightened” She also made out that she had to call the Police “on 999 for the SWAT team to take me out of there” What an absolute liar and an egotistical drama queen to boot: because she then adds “but this isn’t all about me” oh really?

Fast forward to a very angry meeting at St Clement James with survivors, other locals and those (supposedly) in charge, where she made out afterwards, that she was insulted and felt threatened. Well a member of THINK was standing next to her at the back of the hall in that meeting and nobody spoke to her!

Maybe Lady Faulks supposes she is some kind of celebrity “don’t you know who I am?” Because the only recognition she received at that meeting was a few angry glances from those residents who follow local politics!! (So we won’t flatter a shrew by posting her photo on here!).

Back to the interview, in which she spent more time emphasising on what a traumatic experience it was for her evacuating the council chamber than speaking about the actual disaster and the people affected. Sorry “Lady False”, if we don’t exactly sympathise, go tell that to the Grenfell Tower survivors and the nearby residents who had to evacuate their homes.

When she did, she defended RBKC’s poor immediate response by saying “there is a lot of hand-holding going on”.and referring to the matter of rent still being deducted from a Grenfell survivor as a “tiny thing” Seriously? we’d be laughing if we weren’t crying and our community hadn’t gone through a horrific disaster only for the crisis to continue.

A couple of days ago one THINKer was at the meeting at St John’s Church because as regular readers know, there are plans to close Notting Hill Police Station in Ladbroke Grove (our local), which of course we will fight.

Now encouraged by a show on all sides of the political spectrum locally, we hoped to keep this a non partisan issue, but then Lady False attempted to shift the blame entirely on to Sadiq Khan. Well let us point out who has cut the funds for Policing – yes, the Conservative Government!

Oh well, if Lady False gets bored of embarrassing her colleagues on the radio or at meetings or working the local political garden party circuit, she can always team up with Bananaman Spalding and do a “foot in mouth” comedy double act – it would be the only time this community could ever welcome their presence here!

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