Linda Wade, the Wonderwoman of Earl’s Court!

Today is International Women’s Day and THINK has decided to  positively focus on one of RBKC’s most dedicated and hard working councillors.  Liberal Democrat Cllr Linda Wade (pictured above as “Wonderwoman”).

Cllr Wade represents Earl’s Court Ward and has done  so since 2010.
She also sits on the Housing and Property Scrutiny committee and is one of the best speakers there.

Linda’s knowledge of housing and property is second to none : she has expressed her concerns over housing associations moving away from their  once-commendable charitable  roots and turning into corporate giants, leaving perfectly decent homes empty, letting them fall into a terrible condition and then  either selling them off or pulling them down.

See a post of ours about Notting Hill Housing here:

Linda is a shareholder of Notting Hill Housing who voted against the merger with Genesis Housing Association for that reason  She also  joined us on the demonstration against the merger some time back.

Sadly as regular readers of THINK will know, shareholders of both voted for the merger to go ahead. We will be keeping an eye on what happens next, as will the campaigners from both associations and so will Cllr Wade.

She is a supporter of  the Save Earl’s Court campaign  and is chair of The Earl’s Court Area Action Group.

THINK believe  that the masterplan, which has seen the demolition of the world-famous Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre has only brought , noise, pollution, loss of business and loss of identity to the area and Linda has been one of the most vocal critics of this plan, which was mainly focused on providing luxury housing.

Of course there is now a real question mark hanging over the masterplan and also over the future of developers Capco and their involvement in the plans. We say that the plans  now need to change and must include a replacement for the Exhibition Centre, they need to fully  local residents’ views into account, and there needs to be real much-needed provision of social housing.

Read about the ingenious and visionary alternative plans from the Save Earl’s Court campaigners here:

There are in fact, three council seats in Earl’s Court – the other two are occupied by  Conservative councillors  – Cllr Malcolm Spalding (who has featured on this blog a few times before)   and Cllr Fenella Aouane – here is some feedback we have received from some local residents about these two:

Cllr Spalding: “arrogant”,  “too chummy with developers” , ” doesn’t care about social housing” .

Cllr Aouane: “invisible”,  “doesn’t answer ANY emails – wrote to her several  times NO RESPONSE ” ” never turns up to any meetings”

Oh dear, if residents of  Earl’s Court haven’t  had enough of a bad deal with the Earl’s Court masterplan, these two could really make things even  worse, but fortunately Cllr Wade does respond to emails from her constituents  and go to meetings, does care about social housing, is very knowledgable  and could never be described as “arrogant”!

Having met her a few times, we can honestly say that she is one of the most down to earth and honest local representatives that we have ever met. We hear complaints and allegations made against local  councillors (ranging  from the completely believable to the completely ludicrous!) but only positive things about her.

Cllr Wade  clearly cares deeply about Earl’s Court and  all the residents there and so do we, so we’ll invite all our readers to please sign and share this petition from the Save Earl’s Court campaigners to build the world’s greenest venue on the site of the former Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre (which is sadly missed).

We believe that most people can learn from Linda and from the Save Earl’s Court campaigners that listening to residents, taking a keen interest in local matters, retaining a positive attitude yet still fighting a  good strong campaign,  really makes a difference to people’s lives.

We’ll leave you with some London Live interviews with Linda Wade and with local  campaign supporter Desi, courtesy of the Save Earl’s Court website here:

And to those in charge of RBKC we say watch and learn…..

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