“Jailhouse” Rock Feilding-Mellen is up to his old tricks again…….

Times must be tough for Rock Feilding-Mellen – no who are we kidding? We live around the corner from Grenfell and the mere mention of his name to many round here will always go hand in hand with our loss and cause people deep anger and distress. But somehow this disgraceful man seems to still wish to make a living.

So what does RBKC’s former failure of a property developer go and do?

That’s right he goes back into property development!

Yes Rock is back in action with his property developer chums this time in Curbridge, near Witney Oxfordshire.

The Oxford Mail has reported that SCC Curbridge (Socially Conscious Capital, Rock’s property development company – yes really!) has plans to build 85 homes there.

A Curbridge resident said there was insufficient space for new homes being built around the village and that others would only exacerbate the problem.

She said: “This development will literally rip the heart out of our village and essentially make it an extension of Witney with the local over development of our rural Cotswold area.”

She added: “There is a ridiculous amount of new homes being built within a three-mile radius and there are not the local facilities to cope with an influx of new residents on this scale.

“We will no longer be a village, which is why most of us chose to live here. The recent addition of brown brick dwellings is ruining the traditional Cotswold style of the area.”

Curbridge and Lewis Parish Council also object ‘most strongly’ to the application, ‘in accordance with the wishes of the vast majority of residents’.

It said the planned development ‘fails’ in maintaining scenic beauty in Curbridge.

Last March, our friends at the Grenfell Action Group posted this about his plans for Thorpe Woods, near Norwich, in which Rock his friends the Mayhews, had plans to destroy beautiful woodland to build a housing development.


It is also worth noting here as someone has commented, that Gail Mayhew, formerly of Portland Road, North Kensington, and involved with Rock’s Thorpe Woods plans, sat on the board of the Westway Trust from 2008-10.

Before this, Socially Conscious Capital were up to their activities in Scotland and had some success getting development of 450 homes in Longniddry, West Lothian on his aristocratic family’s land approved.

Many of the locals, however did not approve of the plans, their objections shut down, overrided and misrepresented and residents there have been sadly subject to the same arrogance, concealment of information, ignorance of a locality and community needs coming far down the list below a desire to make vast profit – something we are all too familiar with down here. Some have referred to “Jailhouse Rock” as an “absentee laird”

And here, for locals of Curbridge, are a few old posts of ours with a serious note to all that Feilding-Mellen had involvement in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower to the point in having some say in which materials were used. We do not think this man should ever be allowed any involvement whatsoever in the development of other people homes ever again.



It appears Rock definitely favours profit over popularity but he must be self conscious to some degree – his name and profile seems to have disappeared from SCC’s website!

We still have a copy – here it is:

THINK did wonder if his Mother, Amanda Feilding had drilled a hole in his head or dosed him up on psychedelic drugs to ever make him imagine carrying on as a property developer would be a good idea!

We suggest that if Feilding-Mellen needs to earn some money or has a need to find something to do with his time – he should do what many of his overprivileged friends frequently tell the jobless and the poor to do – get down to the Job Centre

We could have a laugh and suggest that some producers of reality television who see this post might have some ideas for Jailhouse Rock’s next career move – maybe a stint in the Big Brother house or on Love Island in future might be a possibility? Then again, maybe (and hopefully) not!

Little Lord Rock Weilding-Felon” has obviously learnt nothing from his more than mistakes, and clearly has an overinflated opinion of himself.

Well let THINK tell this narcissist that most North Kensington locals hope to eventually see him spending his time doing time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure and perhaps only a cold hard spell inside might be the only thing to get him to show remorse and hopefully see the errors of his ways.

After all, Rock wouldn’t want to find out how some hardened criminals in prison would react if he ever made similar comments as he has to North Kensington residents such as “the village shall not dictate to the estate” to them! We’ll just leave this picture here…..

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