Lawless, pointless, clueless and hopeless RBKC Housing: Residents made to suffer

Sometimes we are so exasperated by this council and its housing that we don’t know where to start.


Just what sort of local authority refuses to move tenants who have been attacked previously around their building (they asked to move before – no help provided).

Then when same tenant is threatened with violence – again no help provided. RBKC Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Grenfell Recovery, but Housing amd Property Kim Taylor-Smith did tell the tenant (who lives around the corner from Grenfell in fact) to get in touch with him so they did – to absolutely no response whatsoever. As it is, the tenant’s safety is at risk but the Rotten Borough of Kensington and Chelsea do not care. There has already been one untimely death of a resident in the same block; a very cynical person could almost think that this is RBKC’s preferred method of freeing up housing stock….

The tenant that “Tailored-Sloth” is ignoring has been reporting antisocial behaviour in and around that block for years to little avail (our council expects social housing residents to live in lawless slums?)

But they are not the only tenants who are expected live with threats, violence, drug dealing amd other forms of antisocial behaviour because our council cannot be bothered to do anything. What a disgrace.


There is no point in asking residents to go to the Police if there are hardly any local Police left (with knowledge of background and circumstances as well as the area and the Police do not have the power to move them or in other cases evict the problem neighbours. On occasions when Police try to help, their hands are tied. As housing staff fail to keep records of incidents, trying to report things or indeed having any sort of conversation on these matters with them is absolutely pointless. Not all housing staff are terrible of course, but how are some decent and hardworking staff supposed to help if they do not have enough information because some of their colleagues amd predecessors did not think it worth their bother to provide any?


If there is a senior member of RBKC staff who appears to embody cluelessness, step forward Rachel Sharpe, Director of Housing Needs and Supply.

We have written about housing needs (and lack of support) before:

It appears Ms Sharpe is not only ignoring residents; she ignoring her very remit.

Disabled and ill tenants who are being inadequately housed have actually been told by her to apply for suitable housing outside London!

She might want to check the title of her job again.

Deluded and clueless Rachel “Wendolene” Sharpe actually thinks our council has a very good level of community engagement:

With concerns of so many residents outside big estates not being listened to (and even a lot of those are ignored) Who is she kidding?

It is all very well that the council wants to improve fire safety, but they have one hell of a long way to go. Some issues that were pointed to by both residents and the Fire Brigade have still not been dealt with.

We had hopes for Doug Goldring, Director of Housing Management but he appears to have fallen into the same patterns we had at the TMO.

Where is the fresh thinking here?

Not to mention some residents and RAs being favoured over others, to the point where it is causing divisions and hostility between people. Just how does he imagine this will help matters?

Sometimes many residents are not seeing the point in attending meetings or contacting senior staff if their concerns stand no chance of being taken seriously.


It is hopeless of Kim Taylor-Smith to have high ambitions for RBKC and its housing if he and his colleagues are failing on the basics such as resident communication, engagement and safety for starters. We have seen a couple of steps in the right direction and heard the righr noises, but there is a lot of talk and not enough action. We remind Kim and his colleagues that putting on a PR show will not make this all go away.

A number of residents whose safety is at risk and others who are being ignored feel they are drowning in a sea of utter hopelessless and despair while the same old TMO “Pirate Ship” continues to steer the same sorry old course. Not that we hold out much hope ourselves that pointing this out will ever make a difference as it appears those in charge do not care one bit – shame on them.

Have your say in RBKC Planning Policy: Defining “affordable housing”, plus a say in how £2.6 million of NCIL money gets spent

Another day, another RBKC consultation? No, please come back!! Before the eyes of our local readers glaze over and people let out sighs of collective exasperation, let THINK just briefly explain why we strongly recommend that all our RBKC resident readers take part in this consultation.

The easiest way to respond is via this quick survey (which should only take a couple of minutes to complete);

“Affordable” housing

Kensington and Chelsea could actually be the first council to get rid of that rather ludicrous term as they are asking for residents to define it. We were actually quite pleasantly surprised to see that our council is asking residents to define what constitutes affordable housing here

Genuinely affordable housing, the way we see it, ought to mean being affordable to people on average income living here. Of course different people will have various definitions of what constitutes affordable (this, by the way, relates to the RBKC “Local Plan” – not the “London Plan” which has its own defintions – and that’s not a situation we’re happy about – that’s a matter for another post….), but this is a way forward to get a general consensus from local residents over this.

Neighbourhood funding: Have your say in how £2.6 million is spent

Just in case some people are still not convinced that responding to this is a good idea, there is also an opportunity to have your say in what on and where £2.6million of Neighbourbood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) money goes.

So far there are many good suggestions from residents and we are liking suggestions about a garden waste recycling service, better and more bicycle parking provided in the far north of the borough, more greenery in some parts of the borough like Earl’s Court and around Holland Park Avenue, and more allotment spaces provided (we’ve heard that there is a very long waiting lists for RBKC Community Kitchen Garden spaces at the timebeing). These are just a few things and we know that many residents have even more ideas and suggestions for improvements.

THINKers haven’t lost the plot and this blog is definitely not an advertisement for our council!

But when there are times they are taking measures to do something right, we will support them, so we urge RBKC to please treat ALL responses to this from residents equally here.

If our readers would like to read the planning policy document in full and give more detailed responses, the link is here: