Tins of sardines and different kettles of fish

Despite our opposition to the RBKC plans to build 600 new homes on the Edenham site, we may end up supporting the proposals to build new homes on the Silchester Arches site.

It is on a bit of land that is currently not in public use (its being used by the council’s tree surgeon contractors currently) , and, as long as not too dense and not too high, would have very little negative impact on the immediate community? If the counciil (and we hope they are not muddling the terms again here) genuinely mean most of the homes would be for social rent, we will back tbis – THINK are not a bunch of NIMBYS!

Some THINKers indeed live just a five minute walk away.so we will be attending these consultation events. Early days yet, but we will be attending Round 2 of the consultations, finding out more amd having our say. The Zoom chat sessions are on

  • Thursday 25 March, 5.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Saturday 27 March, 10.30am to 11.30am

Here is the link for more information about the site, the presentation, consultations and links to the Zoom chats:


We’ll post an update on the blog with further information after the evemt

Let’s just hope that RBKC do listen to nearby residents’ feedback in Notting Dale Ward and genuinely take it on board for this scheme, that they do not build too high or too densely, consider the homes and businesses nearby, and the local environment and green space – this could actually be a positive new addition to our community with more council homes at the end of this one – we’re hearing the right noises about proposals on this site – especially over social housing and family homes (which we have a severe shortage of)

We are reasonably hopeful that this is a completely different kettle of fish to the Edenham “tin of sardines” that residents, despite the opposition, are sadly likely to end up getting in Golborne….

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