Not another survey! (But cagey RBKC REALLY don’t want you to take part in this Scrutiny one)

RBKC often appears to really love surveys – we get them all the time,  sometimes until we’re sick to the back teeth of them and get “survey fatigue”, and wonder why we’re bothering. Usually these are surveys in the form of  consultations which tend to be structured so people’s answers have to fit into a certain category and that category being one  that is more geared towards the council’s preferred option.

This independent survey  landed on THINK’s desk recently and despite all the extra council PR, RBKC is very reluctant to  publicise and share this survey from the  CfGS (Centre for Governance and Scrutiny) with the public  for some reason.

There is not long to go,  the deadline is in just over a week, on Wednesday the 31st of March

Let’s have a good look at the likely reasons why RBKC seems to be reluctant for people to take part in this survey shall we?

After Grenfell, RBKC commissioned the CFGS (then known as the Centre for Policy and Scrutiny) and the Democratic Society  to undertake research and make recommendations as to how RBKC could  betrer improve  its governance.

Here were the main recomnendations:

  • Adopting 12 principles of good governance, developed from the conversations we had with residents, councillors, officers and partners;
  • Hold a Borough wide conversation to decide the strategic direction and governance arrangements for the council;
  • Establish a citizens’ assembly;
  • Create a ‘listening committee’ for councillors to hear directly from residents;
  • Establish a commission to, involving residents and partners, to determine the future direction of council governance;
  • Take practical steps to engage with local government full practice;
  • Use the Annual Government Statement as the basis for an ongoing, wider conversation about how governance can be improved.

The full reports can be found here:

As for those residents’ surveys, only  a small number of residents took part, but the negative findings are very interesting indeed.

So if  the findings of this  survey are made public , it won’t look terribly good for our council  if the responses  are the same or worse, which looks to  be a possible reason  why they’re keeping quiet about it ….

See  this  brilliant insight from Urban Dandy for more:

Sadly the RBKC Leadership decided to fly in the face of this and  abolished the Grenfell Recovery Scrutiny Committee in 2019.  See our old blog posts about that from back then  (and  the appalling way in which they went about it  – including a  “phantom” residents conference  of only 15 people and telling outright lies regarding how many RAs they had spoken with) here:

As we feared, all matters related to Grenfell have been scattered  among various committees with fewer meetings taking place, or  just completely scattered to the wind and forgotten about, so since then, many residents and Grenfell survivors, the bereaved and the North Kensington community have been very badly let down at best, or at worst, are treated as if they don’t exist

In fact, since  the Grenfell Committee was abolished, there has been no proper Scrutiny of Grenfell Recovery in the North Kensington community at all.  

We know that  some in charge of RBKC  – and PR-mad Leader Elizabeth “Dizzy Lizzy” Campbell in particular –  see  some of  us in North Kensington as a nuisance or an  inconvenience,. Well,  we have to tell Dizzy Lizzy and co  that our community would prefer not to have lost 72 innocent people in an entirely preventable disaster on our doorsteps and  not be affected for the rest of our lives.

So we’re giving our feedback to tbis survey, and that is that we are deeply unhappy  and disillusioned with the current state of council governance – who can blame us?

We are also giving feedback that,  to  help improve governance at RBKC and  improve relations with residents and a way to help our community to recover would be to have more Committee meetings to cover issues in full to ensure we are getting the services we need and deserve,   and especially for the council to reinstate the Grenfell Scutiny Committee. We’ll  also add  in a  collection of our blog posts together  with our responses for good measure.

THINK are publicising and sharing this survey and we encourage all our local readers to take part too.

Dizzy Lizzy wants to go back to “business as usual” ASAP and  will not like us peeing on her “PR parade” one bit, but the council has been defecating  on North Kensington for decades. And just look  where that got us…..

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