Wringing the wrong numbers: A poor reception for Shaun Bailey

Conservative London Mayoral candiate, Shaun Bailey, is making a long overdue return to tbis blog today.

The Dame on From The Hornets Nest http://fromthehornetsnest.blogspot.com/?m=1 had this to say on him last December:

Over a sandwich lunch, the Dame endured an hour of Bailey talking incoherent rubbish. Not once did he ask a question. He behaved like a mobile phone salesman not the potential mayor of a super city. So we thought we would do the Photoshop honours….

Recently, THINKers received a copy of his election leaflet disguised as a magazine “London Life”

In this publication, Bailey seems very keen to play up his less privileged background in North Kensington …

Here’s what homes in the North Kensington street Shaun Bailey grew up in go for these days:

Rags to riches? But Bailey’s supposed answer to homelessness and the housing crisis in the capital was to ridiculously suggest encouraging London’s 62,670 homeless households (and that official figure doesn’t include “hidden homeless” – people “sofa surfing ” or living in overcrowded households) to apply for shared ownersbip!

No answers as to how cash strapped homeless bouseholds might somehow out of thin air, be able to get the £5,000 deposit together or acknowledgment of the fact at all that unemployed people, those on lower incomes and some who work but do not always have the guaranteed regular level of regular income, wouldn’t be accepted in the first place.

Rightly, fellow Kensington blog The Steeple Times was very scathing about this, calling Bailey “Moron of the Moment”:


Here’s more from Shaun Bailey’s political leaflet-disguised-as-a-magazine, an interview with Karren Brady:

Still on housing, he talks about building more supposedly “affordable homes” . Well we have a few of what are deemed as these , built by Catalyst Housing on the regenerated former Wornington Green Estate (now Portobello Square) – another part of North Kensington where Bailey used to live – they start at £600k and many are sitting empty, but hey, who cares, let’s just go and build some more! Like that’s going to solve the ptoblem….

Perhaps he could look into building more SOCIAL housing to help with the homelessness issue? Though it’s clear he isn’t even prepared to bother entertaining that thought and social housing is not mentioned ANYWHERE in this leaflet

Bailey does mention Sadiq Khan spending money on building homes to rent and that he will instead divert the cost for that into homes to buy – but who for?

Also, if Bailey doesn’t want to be “moron of the moment” he might just spare a thought for some of the Londoners who did buy into the dream of owning their own home under the shared ownership scheme, only for that dream to turn to dust, because of costs due to the cladding and fire safety scandal leaving them facing bankruptcy and homelessness (the Fire Safety Bill returns to the Commons today); but no, it appears Mr Bailey has absolutely nothing to say on this – he is merely aspiring to be Boris Johnson’s puppet at City Hall and is perfectly content to sit there while his “master” happily pulls the strings and sends hard-working people down the river…..


As for crime prevention, for someone who has masses of experience as a youth worker , Bailey has previously made positive encouraging noises elsewhere about providing 62 new youth centres to help , but where is the money to do this actually going to come from? Who knows, he seems to have completely forgotten about that.

He also seems to have forgotten about this


What little the magazine does say of his policies on crime is of him supposedly providing 8,000 more Police Officers. How? He just says he will cut bureaucracy such as offfice costs but fails to say anything more about that. He does mention that he will partly fund this with revenue gained from introducing corporate sponsorship of the tube lines and stations, but this also appears to be the only solution he offers to sort out the TfL financial crisis. Again, no costings, no further details.

As well corporate sponsorship of the tube being a much-loathed and vulgar idea in the eyes of many Londoners (“Coca- Cola Hill Gate Station” anyone? ), Bailey, despite the mentions of where he grew up, again forgets his roots and perhaps ought to be aware of the public outcry and upset around here that happened a few years ago when someone made the suggestion of changing the name of Latimer Road Station .

The outside of Latimer Road is currently about to be redecorated as part of a local arts project, but we guess since he hasn’t been here for years, Bailey doesn’t seem to know or care how offensive and upsetting it would be if green hearts and children’s artwork outside the nearest tube station to Grenfell, the site of our comnunity’s loss, were replaced by garish advertisement signs, billboards and disrespectful name changes. As it is, despite this leaflet/magazine being received right around the corner from Grenfell, there is no mention of Grenfell or any present day acknowledgment of his former community in it at all.

“You’re hired”? We wouldn’t hire Shaun Bailey to run a bath!

His wife Ellie Bailey isn’t standing of course, but obviously his party only just realised just how flimsy and daft Bailey’s supposed policies are, have given up and decided to desperately look for votes by going with the “nice guy” “family man” personality angle.

Just how “hugely passionate” about the environment is Shaun Bailey? His wife doesn’t say apart fron the obvious how bad London’s air is and neither does he. Nothing at all on a subject which many Londoners are genuinely ” passionate” about. .

As for Shaun Bailey in the classroom, it has been reported elsewhere that he was apparently described by a teacher as “gobby and dangerous” – make of that what you will….

Finally we get “9 Questions with Shaun Bailey” Disappointed THINKers saw no burning questions get put to Mr Bailey here, just silly small talk. We’re only surprised they didn’t ask him what his favourite biscuits were….

Also Ellie Bailey might want to send the makers of this leaflet/magazine back to school as they managed to get the year of the election wrong; it’s this year – the 6th of May in fact.

And no, we don’t think he will win.

We think that, with his constant gaffes like this recent one –https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/downing-street-refuses-to-say-stand-by-shaun-bailey-sarah-everard-comments-b923546.html which has appeared to alienate some of those on his own side, the absence of genuine policies and his lack of knowledge over most of the serious issues this city faces, that Shaun Bailey might struggle to scrape second place.

That phone sbop beckons……

Who REALLY runs London?

Part 1 of our “London Trilogy

We bring our readers a few pieces of important local news that should give both local residents and Londoners as a whole, great cause for concern.

Our first news concerns Newcombe House that we reported on in our previous post. These redevelopment proposals were rejected by RBKC three times – only for the plans to be called in by Sadiq Khan.

Sadly we can report that Mr Khan overturned the decision last week. Read about it and the responses from residents here:


Kensington Labour MP Emma Dent Coad had been unable to make the hearing at a City Hall, but she had this to say to us:

‘It is a total mystery to me as well as a genuine disappointment that the Mayor has overruled experienced elected representatives on the Newcombe House planning application.

We were scrupulous in our determinations and assessed the application in the light of The London Plan and RBKCs Local Plan policies. The application fell far short on many of these policies and we listed them all in detail.

It was a cross party decision to protect our conservation areas from this and future inappropriate applications.

This project will open the doors to higher and greedier plan in the future. A disaster for a beautiful borough.’

Maybe not so much of a mystery now as THINK can reveal something about London Communications, a PR firm used by developers who have many clients in lots of sectors, including the Metropolitan Police and RBKC, – a few of their other clients have particularly caught our eye:

One client is Brockton Capital who are the developers behind the redevelopment plans for Newcombe House

We can also reveal that GLA chief planner Juliemma McLoughlin., who was sitting a few seats away from Sadiq at the hearing, has had dinner with London Communications, before, as has James Murray, one of the Deputy Mayors. Coincidence? We don’t think so….

Another client of London Communications are Cadogan Pier Limited.

Cadogan Pier Limited and the greedy Moffats are threatening to evict some of the Chelsea Houseboat Community and have featured in our blog before too:


Lots of different property developers seem to get a foot in the door at City Hall – Jamie Ratcliff is the assistant director of housing. On the 4th of September this year he dined with Andrew Simpson and Dominic Lawson of Bespoke Planning – no, not that one – this one:

Who is he, some may wonder? Well he is also a business partner of “Jailhouse Rock” Feilding-Mellen and the other third of Socially Conscious Capital – the other one is Giles Cherry, who had a drink thrown over him by an angry resident after he partied outside the Maxilla Club (opposite Grenfell Tower) on the 14th of September after the Silent Walk:


Jamie Ratcliff has also had engagements with Savills three times, Lovells four times and has also had engagements with Orbit Homes three times (who apart from one development in New Addington, best Croydon, appear to have most of their properties outside the capital; some people living on London estates who are facing regeneration may want to take note of this).

Ratcliff has also had dinner with Steve Douglas of Altair – we have posted about Chris Wood from Altair before ;


Regular readers of THINK will also know that we have posted about Earl’s Court and the Earl’s Court Masterplan before:




Things really didn’t look too good for Capco (or “Crapco” as we call them) and this ill-judged scheme, as was reported in by the Evening Standard back in May:


THINK had to take a trip down memory lane to recall when this was said when Sadiq Khan was standing for Mayor of London:

“Sadiq will review the Earl’s Court Masterplan as he has serious reservations about the overall direction the scheme is taking.”

At THINK , we were wondering whatever happened to this review. Because we haven’t seen or heard anything and neither have many residents and local businesses around Earl’s Court who are suffering from this utter failure of a disasterplan.

So what now for Earl’s Court? Well we have found out that this was going on: London First holding a reception at the Labour Party conference, sponsored by Capco!


We are very pleased that Emma Dent Coad, our Kensington Labour MP refused to go to this event on principle.

Some may also note that joining Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London (the shame) as a special guest speaker there, was Peter John, leader of Southwark Council and chair of the London councils. John is a controversial figure because of the regeneration social cleansing schemes such as Elephant & Castle, the Ledbury Estate and the Heygate Estate (Peter Bingle on behalf on Lendlease had a vital key role in this!) in his part of town. Southwark Notes and the Ledbury Action Group have been on the case there :



Some at RBKC remember Allison Flight, who was once strategic development manager at RBKC and was seen celebrating with Capco back in 2012 when our council approved the masterplan. From The Hornets Nest posted about this then:


Where is she now? That’s right- she has been appointed Deputy Head of Development at the GLA!

A resident commented:”who the hell made that decision. We saw how she cozied up to Capco in Earls Court , so once confined to allowing luxury developers to cause havoc in just one borough RBKC. Now she will be able to help developers in their reign of terror across all of London . God help us all, well everyone check out those well loved buildings when you go to bed, with Alison ( and her colleagues who are also pro developer ) in City Hall’s corridors of power they may not be there in the morning.”

David Lunts, the Mr Creosote of City Hall, has also had five engagements engagements with London First and other engagements with Grosvenor Development, whose chief executive is Richard Powell, who was formerly the director of planning and development in Earl’s Court for Capco.

Others at City Hall who are partial to London First’s company are Juliemma McLoughlin (again) , Simon Powell, assistant director of strategic projects and property, Fiona Fletcher-Smith, executive director of development enterprise and environment (who has also been to MIPIM),

Other London First attendees include James Murray – a Deputy Mayor of London who is responsible for housing and residential development and Jules Pipe, who is a Deputy Mayor and is responsible for regeneration, planning and skills.

Some Conservatives may be also be interested to know that Shaun Bailey also had dinner with Gary Yardley of Capco back in July.

Local Earl’s Court resident and Labour candidate there at the local elections, Bruno de Florence had this to say: : “If the current Mayor asked me for my opinion re the Capco site, my reply would be: No Change Without Consent.”

Liberal Democrat councillor for Earl’s Court, Linda Wade had this to say (originally posted on Nextdoor and reposted here wth her kind permission):

“Mr Khan’s manifesto pledge when he was standing as Mayor was to deliver more social affordable housing, which is a worthy sentiment but harder to deliver.

Personally, homing people and building stable communities is of primary importance, construction without consideration of context of how people live, work, get about, where their children play and above all in a mixed tenure environment.

One of my main criticisms of the Earl’s Court Masterplan was that it did not integrate into the existing Earl’s Court, that architecturally it set itself apart, that the profile of the accommodation was for the buy-to-leave market rather than providing a range of housing options that reflected the wonderful multi-layered demographic that we have in Earl’s Court.”

We thank both Linda Wade and Emma Dent Coad – they are two local politicians who care deeply about the communities they represent and speak up when it matters most to residents and as disaffected and disheartened as we are feeling about what appear to be the murky goings on both locally and around the wider London area, we are grateful to them and to the local residents and campaigners like the Hillgate Village Residents’ Association, the Pembridge Association , the Save Earl’s Court campaigners, Bruno and many others -it is good to hear that some people will stand up for their local community against the onslaught from property developers .

THINK have to ask the question as to who the Mayor, some of the GLA members and some of the City Hall senior staff are working for really?

Because we are failing to see the point of having a London Mayor and assembly if property developers are the ones pulling the strings.

Shaun Bailey: Not a “man of the people”


Pictured on the left with former PM David Cameron, is Shaun Bailey. He is Deputy Leader of the Conservative group on the Greater London Assembly. Of course David Cameron, along with several of his pals  were once labelled “the Notting Hill set” round here and they have little to nothing to do with this community except push it further towards “gentrification”.

Recently there has been a media storm over certain right wing bloggers and journalists accusing our Labour MP for Kensington, Emma Dent Coad of ” racial slurs” regarding this blog post of hers about Shaun Bailey from back in 2010:


Well THINK will ask all the Tories who have jumped on the bandwagon to criticise Emma, if they have read the blog post in full?

If they had, they might have realised that Shaun Bailey himself described North Kensington (where he grew up) as a “ghetto”. They might, if they do indeed read Emma’s blog post in full, see that it is simply a witty post that mocks things that Mr Bailey himself has actually said or done.

Well as locals, we can in fact confirm that many  in our North Kensington community were indeed highly offended by Mr Bailey’s description  back then of our local area as a ghetto – instead of  the wonderful, inclusive,  vibrant and multicultural community we know North Kensington to be.

Perhaps some of these bandwagon jumpers would like to know that back in 2010,  Shaun Bailey had, in order to gain favour from his fellow Tories, previously given his story of an upbringing in a terraced house and attending a fee paying school, but when he was out campaigning in Shepherds Bush (his unsuccessful bid back then to become Conservative MP for Hammersmith), he made out that he was a working class boy from a council estate!

Mr Bailey was then, when he got into the GLA, advised by the Conservatives to amend his Wikipedia entry as the apparent discrepancies were too glaring.

And just in case some outside Tory sources think they can speak for our community, here are some local campaigners from Notth Kensington having their say:

Judy Bolton: “with his history of stabbing both black and white working class in the back, protesting their causes and then blatantly voting against them (he did this on local closures of public services e.g., the Post Office in Shepherds Bush) . Emma Dent Coad still very much has my respect and support and that is from a proud black woman and mother who lives and loves in this truly beautiful community of Ladbroke Grove and North Kensington”.

And Lesley Dillon, who is former head of Wornington Green Residents’ Association (where Bailey used to live) informs us that he made a big thing about wanted to get involved in the group but then did not bother to turn up to meetings or events. When Lesley confronted him, Shaun Bailey apparently told her that “you have too much power for a woman”

And here is local campaigner Kasim Ali on Twitter in support of Emma Dent Coad:

Maybe some of those who seem overtly keen on ripping into Emma should realise that she does not and never has held racist views, and she is a popular and well liked MP who campaigns for our community. We support Emma and we just wonder just how low the desperate Tories can go.

If anyone is still in doubt with regards to Emma Dent Coad and her views maybe they can see what Lee Jasper has to say in this Skwawkbox article here:


Neither  Shaun Bailey or any of his Conservative colleagues has responded to Lee Jasper. So this  “ghetto”story only reeks of a desperate party in trouble (especially the RBKC Tories)  desperately trying to cling on to power, who don’t have the good grace to accept that  the people of Kensington  voted Labour and elected Emma Dent Coad as our MP fair and square. We say to these malicious Tories and their chums – put up or shut up.