Vote for Emma Dent Coad for your Kensington Constituency MP!


Here in North Kensington, we have  endured social cleaning and asset stripping by the ruling Conservatives.

A member of THINK  met Labour candidate Cllr Emma Dent Coad and accompanied her and fellow coleagues canvassing for Labour.

The views on the doorsteps were resoundingly positive in support for her and the Labour Party.

As a North Kensington local and a Councillor for Golborne Ward for 11 years, Emma is a well known figure in the community and understands the needs and concerns of ordinary residents.

As Victoria Borwick only has a majority of 6000 and voted for Brexit (against 68% of her constituents) – a Labour MP for Kensington really isn’t outside the realms of possibility!

This blog believes that it is high time we had positive change and local representation that is more representative of us in North Kensington – so encourage you all to cast your votes for Emma Dent Coad at the General Election!