Thames Water “slimy slugs” slip-slide away from providing solutions

Meet Thames Water slugs Corporate Affairs Director George Mayhew and Head of Waste Management Matt Rimmer.

Some of us came across this slimy pair last Tuesday, at this online meeting,

in which they tried to evade questioning from residents and from Felicity Buchan, outright refused to provide compensation to residents wbose property was badly damaged by the heavy flooding (they didn’t quite use the tern “act of God” but as good as said that ), made empty excuses to angry residents and only recommended FLIP switches as flood prevention and vaguely said there would be an “Independent Review” but didn’t say much else. We gained little to nothing from that meeting, apart from seeing that Thames Water Directors are more full of crap than people’s sewage-flooded homes were…

When FLIP switches were discussed in that meeting resident Stephanie pointed out that all these do is divert it somewhere else. Well, we know that social housing providers, RBKC council and various housing sssociations do not usually invest a great deal of money on their housing stock, and we think presenting this as a solution could end up in future with wealthier residents who are able to pay for this work, suffering from fewer incidents of flooding in their homes than poorer residents. In any case, pushing the problem further on to the homes of others is far from an ideal solution…

So what is? Thames Water abandoned the proposed storm relief sewers proposed as part of the Counters Creek Project after floods in 2007.

As floods such as last month’s are set to be a nuch more regular occurance with climate change, we say this needs to be considered again. A resident of Barnes, another affected part of London told us they think a “super sewer” for London is the solution, and this may be controversial, but we think this is a more sensible option than expecting residents to pay for FLIP switches or otherwise living with their homes and businesses flooded every year and being told to take out insurance ….

Our blog will be keeping a close eye on Thames Water, and we will not let them kick this “Independent Review” into the long grass, as will many of our affected local residents.

Last Friday, the Colville Labour councillors, Monica Press, Ian Henderson and Nadia Nail, arranged for Thames Water to have a stall at Portobello Market, and far from the PR exercise that Thames Water may have hoped it would be, we have heard they had to face more affected residents , who gave them an earful too – good.

At least some of our local representatives are listening and ensuring that Thames Water hears the voices of our residents and don’t just complacently sit on their fat profits and do nothing while people suffer. Thames Water make over £100 million profit – we expect action, rather than fobbing off people This is their infrastructure, they are expected to maintain it responsibly and respond accordingly to changing times and circumstances. The word is that some residents will be looking to take legal action against Thames Water if any more such instances occur, if not before .

We will leave the last words here with Colville councillor and North Kensington resident Monica Press: “Thames Water gave a whole new meaning to “passing the buck”. Following the 2007 floods they decide against new sewers and the Counters Creek storm relief scheme which would benefit everyone. Gave £250m back to Ofwat and spend £100m on “property based solutions” – flip valves as compensation to 1,000 properties flooded in 2007. So on 12th July 2021 most of these properties are protected and the flood is forced further on to properties without flips and many that weren’t flooded in 2007. And of course HA tenants and many private rentals don’t have flips. Starting to sound like the rich get flips and the poor get flooded.”

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