Shaun Bailey: Not a “man of the people”


Pictured on the left with former PM David Cameron, is Shaun Bailey. He is Deputy Leader of the Conservative group on the Greater London Assembly. Of course David Cameron, along with several of his pals  were once labelled “the Notting Hill set” round here and they have little to nothing to do with this community except push it further towards “gentrification”.

Recently there has been a media storm over certain right wing bloggers and journalists accusing our Labour MP for Kensington, Emma Dent Coad of ” racial slurs” regarding this blog post of hers about Shaun Bailey from back in 2010:

Well THINK will ask all the Tories who have jumped on the bandwagon to criticise Emma, if they have read the blog post in full?

If they had, they might have realised that Shaun Bailey himself described North Kensington (where he grew up) as a “ghetto”. They might, if they do indeed read Emma’s blog post in full, see that it is simply a witty post that mocks things that Mr Bailey himself has actually said or done.

Well as locals, we can in fact confirm that many  in our North Kensington community were indeed highly offended by Mr Bailey’s description  back then of our local area as a ghetto – instead of  the wonderful, inclusive,  vibrant and multicultural community we know North Kensington to be.

Perhaps some of these bandwagon jumpers would like to know that back in 2010,  Shaun Bailey had, in order to gain favour from his fellow Tories, previously given his story of an upbringing in a terraced house and attending a fee paying school, but when he was out campaigning in Shepherds Bush (his unsuccessful bid back then to become Conservative MP for Hammersmith), he made out that he was a working class boy from a council estate!

Mr Bailey was then, when he got into the GLA, advised by the Conservatives to amend his Wikipedia entry as the apparent discrepancies were too glaring.

And just in case some outside Tory sources think they can speak for our community, here are some local campaigners from Notth Kensington having their say:

Judy Bolton: “with his history of stabbing both black and white working class in the back, protesting their causes and then blatantly voting against them (he did this on local closures of public services e.g., the Post Office in Shepherds Bush) . Emma Dent Coad still very much has my respect and support and that is from a proud black woman and mother who lives and loves in this truly beautiful community of Ladbroke Grove and North Kensington”.

And Lesley Dillon, who is former head of Wornington Green Residents’ Association (where Bailey used to live) informs us that he made a big thing about wanted to get involved in the group but then did not bother to turn up to meetings or events. When Lesley confronted him, Shaun Bailey apparently told her that “you have too much power for a woman”

And here is local campaigner Kasim Ali on Twitter in support of Emma Dent Coad:

Maybe some of those who seem overtly keen on ripping into Emma should realise that she does not and never has held racist views, and she is a popular and well liked MP who campaigns for our community. We support Emma and we just wonder just how low the desperate Tories can go.

If anyone is still in doubt with regards to Emma Dent Coad and her views maybe they can see what Lee Jasper has to say in this Skwawkbox article here:

Neither  Shaun Bailey or any of his Conservative colleagues has responded to Lee Jasper. So this  “ghetto”story only reeks of a desperate party in trouble (especially the RBKC Tories)  desperately trying to cling on to power, who don’t have the good grace to accept that  the people of Kensington  voted Labour and elected Emma Dent Coad as our MP fair and square. We say to these malicious Tories and their chums – put up or shut up.

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